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Winchester 270 Winchester Silvertip 130 Gr

Winchester 270 Winchester Silvertip 130 Gr

The Winchester 270 Winchester Silvertip 130 Gr is a rifle cartridge that is designed for hunting. It has a reputation for being a very accurate and reliable cartridge, and it is popular among hunters and sport shooters.


Bullet Type: Silvertip Soft Point Bullet Weight: 130 grains Muzzle Velocity: 3,060 feet per second Muzzle Energy: 2,797 foot-pounds Casing Material: Brass Primer Type: Boxer Rounds per Box: 20

The Silvertip Soft Point bullet is designed to expand upon impact, delivering a devastating blow to the target while minimizing the risk of over-penetration. The 130-grain weight provides a balance between velocity and energy, making it suitable for a wide range of game.

The cartridge features a brass casing and a Boxer primer, making it reloadable for those who prefer to reload their own ammunition. Each box contains 20 rounds, providing enough ammunition for a good day at the range or a successful hunt.


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