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Tulammo .222 FMJ 60Gr

Tulammo .222 FMJ 60Gr

Tulammo .222 FMJ 60Gr is a rifle cartridge that is designed to provide reliable and accurate performance in various shooting scenarios. This cartridge is produced by Tulammo, a renowned Russian ammunition manufacturer that is known for producing high-quality ammunition.

Here is a specification table for Tulammo .222 FMJ 60Gr:

Specification Description
Bullet Weight 60 grains
Bullet Type Full Metal Jacket (FMJ)
Caliber .222
Muzzle Velocity 3200 feet per second
Muzzle Energy 1053 foot-pounds
Case Type Brass
Primer Type Berdan
Manufacturer Tulammo

The Tulammo .222 FMJ 60Gr cartridge features a 60-grain full metal jacket bullet that is designed to provide accurate and reliable performance. The full metal jacket bullet design helps to prevent fouling in the barrel, ensuring consistent performance over extended shooting sessions.

The .222 caliber is popular for varmint hunting and target shooting due to its flat trajectory and accuracy at long range. The muzzle velocity of this cartridge is 3200 feet per second, while the muzzle energy is 1053 foot-pounds, which makes it suitable for use in various shooting scenarios.

The cartridge is loaded with a brass case that is durable and reliable. It is also fitted with a Berdan primer that is highly resistant to moisture and other environmental factors, ensuring reliable ignition.

Overall, Tulammo .222 FMJ 60Gr is a reliable and accurate cartridge that is suitable for a range of shooting scenarios. Its full metal jacket bullet design, combined with its high velocity and energy, make it a popular choice among hunters and shooters who demand performance and reliability from their ammunition.

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