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Sellier & Bellot 7MM FMJ 140 Gr.

Sellier & Bellot 7MM FMJ 140 Gr.

Sellier & Bellot 7mm FMJ 140 gr. is a type of rifle ammunition produced by the Czech Republic-based ammunition manufacturer, Sellier & Bellot. This ammunition is designed for use in rifles chambered for 7mm cartridges and features a full metal jacket (FMJ) bullet with a weight of 140 grains.

The FMJ bullet is made of a lead core that is fully encased in a copper jacket, which provides reliable feeding, smooth chambering, and consistent performance. The bullet shape is designed to provide a high level of accuracy and stability in flight, making it ideal for target shooting and hunting applications.

Sellier & Bellot 7mm FMJ 140 gr. ammunition is manufactured to strict quality control standards, ensuring consistent performance and reliability with each shot. This ammunition is also non-corrosive, which means it won't damage the internal components of your firearm over time.

Overall, Sellier & Bellot 7mm FMJ 140 gr. ammunition is a reliable and accurate option for anyone looking to shoot their 7mm rifle with confidence. Whether you're a target shooter or a hunter, this ammunition provides the consistent performance you need to hit your mark every time.


Caliber 7mm
Bullet weight 140 grains
Bullet type Full Metal Jacket (FMJ)
Muzzle velocity 2,800 feet per second (fps)
Muzzle energy 2,667 foot-pounds of force (ft-lbs)
Ballistic coefficient 0.486
Recommended use Target shooting, hunting
Case type Brass
Primer type Boxer
Rounds per box 20
Manufacturer Sellier & Bellot
Country of origin Czech Republic
Non-corrosive Yes
Reloadable Yes
UPC code 754908500204

Note that these specifications are subject to variation depending on the specific lot and production run of the ammunition. Additionally, it's important to consult your firearm's owner's manual and other safety guidelines before using any ammunition to ensure safe and proper use.

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