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Sellier & Bellot 303 British SP 150 gr

Sellier & Bellot 303 British SP 150 gr

Sellier & Bellot 303 British SP 150 gr is a type of ammunition designed for use in rifles chambered for the .303 British cartridge. The SP in the name stands for Soft Point, which is a type of bullet that has a partially exposed lead tip. The 150 gr refers to the weight of the bullet, which is 150 grains or about 9.7 grams.

The Sellier & Bellot brand is known for producing high-quality ammunition for a variety of firearms, and the 303 British SP 150 gr is no exception. This ammunition is made with care and precision, using high-quality components to ensure consistent performance and accuracy.

The soft point bullet design of the Sellier & Bellot 303 British SP 150 gr offers several advantages over other types of bullets. The partially exposed lead tip allows for more reliable expansion upon impact, which can lead to a larger wound channel and more effective stopping power. Additionally, the soft point design can help prevent over-penetration, which can reduce the risk of collateral damage.

Overall, the Sellier & Bellot 303 British SP 150 gr is a reliable and effective choice for hunters and shooters who demand quality ammunition that delivers consistent performance and accuracy.


Caliber .303 British
Bullet Type Soft Point (SP)
Bullet Weight 150 grains (9.7 grams)
Muzzle Velocity 2,460 feet per second (749 meters per second)
Muzzle Energy 2,498 foot-pounds (3,390 joules)
Ballistic Coefficient 0.356
Quantity per Box 20
Manufacturer Sellier & Bellot
Country of Origin Czech Republic
Recommended Use Hunting and target shooting, medium game (e.g. deer, antelope)

Note: The specifications listed here are typical for this type of ammunition but may vary slightly depending on the specific lot and production run. It is always important to check the specifications on the box or with the manufacturer before using any ammunition.

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