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Sellier & Bellot 30 Carbine FMJ 110 grs

Sellier & Bellot 30 Carbine FMJ 110 grs

Sellier & Bellot is a Czech ammunition manufacturer that produces a wide range of ammunition, including .30 Carbine FMJ 110 gr rounds.

The .30 Carbine cartridge was originally developed for use in the M1 Carbine rifle during World War II, and is still used today in a variety of firearms for both hunting and target shooting. The FMJ (full metal jacket) bullet type is a common choice for range practice and target shooting, as it offers good accuracy and penetration without expanding upon impact.

Sellier & Bellot's .30 Carbine FMJ 110 gr rounds are loaded with a 110 grain FMJ bullet and typically have a muzzle velocity of around 1,990 feet per second. These rounds are brass-cased and non-corrosive, and are a popular choice among shooters who own firearms chambered in .30 Carbine.

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