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Prvi Partizan 32 FMJ 71 gr.

Prvi Partizan 32 FMJ 71 gr.

Prvi Partizan is a reputable ammunition manufacturer known for producing reliable and affordable cartridges. Their 32 FMJ (Full Metal Jacket) 71 gr ammunition is designed for use in firearms chambered in .32 ACP (Automatic Colt Pistol) caliber.

Specifications for Prvi Partizan 32 FMJ 71 gr ammunition:

Caliber Bullet Weight Bullet Type Velocity Energy Rounds per Box
.32 ACP 71 grains Full Metal Jacket 902 fps 129 ft-lbs 50

The 71-grain Full Metal Jacket bullet is designed for reliable feeding and accuracy. It features a lead core encased in a copper jacket, providing smooth cycling and reduced barrel fouling. With a muzzle velocity of 902 feet per second and muzzle energy of 129 ft-lbs, this ammunition delivers moderate recoil and sufficient power for self-defense or target shooting purposes. Each box contains 50 rounds, ensuring an adequate supply for shooting sessions. Prvi Partizan 32 FMJ 71 gr ammunition is a dependable choice for .32 ACP firearms.

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