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Privi Partizan 270 Win. SP 150 grs

Privi Partizan 270 Win. SP 150 grs

rivi Partizan is a Serbian ammunition manufacturer that produces a wide range of ammunition, including .270 Winchester SP 150 gr rounds.

The .270 Winchester is a popular cartridge for hunting medium to large game, known for its flat trajectory and ability to deliver high velocities with a relatively low recoil. The SP (soft point) bullet type is a popular choice for hunting, as it offers good expansion upon impact while still retaining good penetration.

Privi Partizan's .270 Winchester SP 150 gr rounds are loaded with a 150 grain soft point bullet and typically have a muzzle velocity of around 2,890 feet per second. These rounds are brass-cased and non-corrosive, and are a popular choice among hunters who own firearms chambered in .270 Winchester

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