Norma 222 Remington FMJ 50 gr

Norma 222 Remington FMJ 50 gr

Norma 222 Remington FMJ 50 gr. is a type of ammunition cartridge used in firearms chambered for the .222 Remington cartridge.

The term "FMJ" stands for Full Metal Jacket, which refers to the type of bullet used in the cartridge. FMJ bullets are designed with a lead core that is encased in a copper or other metal jacket, which helps to improve the bullet's accuracy and reliability.

The weight of the bullet is 50 grains, which is a measure of the bullet's mass. In general, a heavier bullet will tend to be more stable in flight and may provide better penetration upon impact.

Norma is a well-known manufacturer of ammunition, and their products are often highly regarded for their quality and performance. It's worth noting that ammunition performance can vary depending on a variety of factors, including the specific firearm used, the conditions in which it is fired, and the skill of the shooter.


Caliber .222 Remington
Bullet Type FMJ
Bullet Weight 50 grains
Muzzle Velocity 3,150 feet per second
Muzzle Energy 1,065 foot-pounds
Bullet Diameter .224 inches
Cartridge Length 1.715 inches
Manufacturer Norma
Quantity 50 rounds per box

Note that these specifications are based on typical performance for this ammunition, but may vary depending on specific firearms, environmental conditions, and other factors. It's always important to consult the manufacturer's recommendations and exercise proper safety precautions when handling firearms and ammunition.

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