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Norinco 32 Bore China

Norinco 32 Bore China

Description: The Norinco 32 Bore China ammunition is a compact and versatile choice for firearms enthusiasts. Produced by Norinco, a renowned firearms manufacturer from China, this ammunition is designed to deliver reliable performance and accuracy.

The 32 Bore caliber is well-suited for small, lightweight firearms, making it an excellent option for concealed carry or personal defense purposes. The compact size of the cartridge allows for easy handling and maneuverability, without compromising on stopping power.

While specific information about the bullet type and weight may vary based on the specific variant of Norinco 32 Bore China ammunition, it commonly features Full Metal Jacket (FMJ) or Hollow Point (HP) projectiles. FMJ rounds are known for their deep penetration and reduced barrel fouling, while HP rounds are designed to expand upon impact, maximizing stopping power.

The Norinco 32 Bore China ammunition is manufactured to strict quality standards, ensuring consistent performance and reliable feeding. It is often appreciated for its affordability and availability, making it a popular choice among shooters.

Specification Table:

| Manufacturer | Norinco |

| Caliber | 32 Bore |

| Bullet Type | FMJ or HP (varies) |

| Bullet Weight | Varies (dependent on variant)|

| Application | Concealed carry, personal defense |

| Muzzle Velocity | (specific velocity may vary) |

| Packaging | (depends on manufacturer) |

Please note that specific details such as bullet weight, muzzle velocity, and packaging may vary depending on the specific variant and manufacturer. It is always recommended to refer to the manufacturer's documentation or contact them directly for precise information on the Norinco 32 Bore China ammunition.

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