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Magtech 32 Auto

Magtech 32 Auto

Magtech 32 Bore Description:

The Magtech 32 Bore is a reliable and accurate semi-automatic pistol chambered in .32 ACP (Automatic Colt Pistol). Produced by Magtech, a trusted firearms manufacturer, this handgun offers precision, durability, and a comfortable grip.

The Magtech 32 Bore features a sleek and ergonomic design, allowing for comfortable handling and precise shot placement. Its steel frame and slide provide a solid feel, while its black finish adds a sleek and tactical appearance. The pistol's grip is typically made of synthetic materials, offering a comfortable and secure hold on the firearm.

Designed for reliability and accuracy, the Magtech 32 Bore operates on a blowback action, ensuring consistent cycling and dependable performance. It utilizes a single-action trigger with a smooth pull, allowing for precise shot placement. The manual safety located on the frame offers an additional layer of security.

Equipped with fixed sights, the Magtech 32 Bore allows for quick and easy target acquisition, even in low light conditions. Its magazine capacity typically ranges from 7 to 8 rounds, providing sufficient firepower while still maintaining a manageable size and weight.

Specification Table:

Specification Description
Caliber .32 ACP
Action Single-action
Capacity 7-8 rounds (may vary)
Frame Material Steel
Slide Material Steel
Sights Fixed sights
Safety Features Manual safety
Grips Synthetic material
Finish Black
Manufacturer Magtech
Intended Use Target shooting, self-defense

Please note that the specifications provided in the table are placeholders and should be replaced with the accurate information for the specific Magtech 32 Bore model you are referring to.

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