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Federal 44 Rem Mag JHP 240gr

Federal 44 Rem Mag JHP 240gr

Federal 44 Rem Mag JHP 240 gr Description:

The Federal 44 Rem Mag JHP 240 gr is a high-quality ammunition manufactured by Federal, a renowned brand in the ammunition industry. It is designed for firearms chambered in .44 Remington Magnum, a powerful and versatile caliber favored by hunters, sport shooters, and self-defense enthusiasts. The Federal 44 Rem Mag JHP is specifically engineered to deliver reliable performance, accuracy, and superior terminal ballistics.

The Federal 44 Rem Mag JHP (Jacketed Hollow Point) variant features a bullet design that combines a lead core with a copper jacket. The hollow point design ensures controlled expansion upon impact, resulting in larger wound channels and increased stopping power. This makes it an excellent choice for hunting and self-defense applications.

The ammunition is loaded with a 240-grain bullet, offering a balance between velocity, energy transfer, and manageable recoil. The 240-grain weight is commonly used in .44 Remington Magnum cartridges and provides excellent stopping power and deep penetration.

Federal ammunition is known for its stringent quality control measures, ensuring reliable ignition, consistent muzzle velocity, and accuracy. The brass casing is reloadable, providing an option for those who prefer to reload their own ammunition.

Specification Table:

Ammunition Brand Federal
Caliber .44 Remington Magnum
Bullet Type Jacketed Hollow Point (JHP)
Bullet Weight 240 grains
Muzzle Velocity 1180 fps (feet per second)
Muzzle Energy 742 ft-lbs (foot-pounds)
Casing Material Brass
Primer Type Boxer
Reloadable Yes
Use Hunting, self-defense
Quantity (specific quantity not specified)
Manufacturer Federal
Country of Origin United States
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