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Federal 300 Win Mag Powershok JSP 150Gr

Federal 300 Win Mag Powershok JSP 150Gr

The Federal 300 Win Mag Powershok JSP 150Gr is a type of ammunition specifically designed to be used in firearms chambered for the .300 Winchester Magnum cartridge. The bullet is composed of a soft lead core, partially enclosed in a harder metal jacket, which is designed to expand upon impact, causing greater damage to the target. With a weight of 150 grains, the bullet provides good terminal ballistics and accuracy while maintaining a relatively flat trajectory at longer ranges. The "Powershok" designation refers to the carefully selected powder charge used in the cartridge, optimized for hunting applications, which delivers a balance of high velocity and manageable recoil. In summary, the Federal 300 Win Mag Powershok JSP 150Gr is a dependable and effective ammunition option for hunters and shooters in search of a powerful and precise cartridge for use in their .300 Winchester Magnum firearm.


Caliber .300 Winchester Magnum
Bullet Weight 150 grains
Bullet Type Jacketed Soft Point (JSP)
Muzzle Velocity 3,090 feet per second (fps)
Muzzle Energy 3,854 foot-pounds (ft-lbs)
Ballistic Coefficient 0.392
Quantity 20 rounds per box
Manufacturer Federal Premium Ammunition
Use Hunting, Target Shooting
Powder Charge Powershok
Recoil Manageable
Expansion Rapid
Accuracy High
Trajectory Flat at longer ranges
Terminal Ballistics Good
Packaging Cardboard box
Dimensions (Box) 5.5 x 3.5 x 1.5 inches
Weight (Box) 0.9 pounds

Note that some of the specifications (such as velocity and energy) may vary depending on factors such as barrel length and environmental conditions.



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