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Centaur 9mm FMJ 115 gr

Centaur 9mm FMJ 115 gr

Centaur 9mm FMJ 115 gr Description:

The Centaur 9mm FMJ (Full Metal Jacket) 115 gr (grain) ammunition is designed to deliver reliable performance and accuracy in a variety of shooting applications. Whether you're a target shooter, competitor, or law enforcement professional, the Centaur 9mm FMJ is engineered to provide consistent results on the range.

Featuring a 115-grain projectile, this ammunition is optimized for stability and flight consistency. The Full Metal Jacket design ensures that the lead core of the bullet is fully enclosed by a copper jacket, providing enhanced feeding and reducing fouling in the barrel. The bullet's rounded nose promotes smooth chambering and reliable cycling, making it suitable for semi-automatic handguns.

Centaur ammunition is known for its attention to detail and stringent quality control measures. Every round undergoes thorough testing to ensure reliable ignition, consistent velocities, and consistent bullet performance. The use of high-quality components and precision manufacturing techniques ensures that Centaur ammunition meets the demands of discerning shooters.

Specification Table:

Ammunition Brand Centaur
Caliber 9mm
Bullet Type FMJ
Bullet Weight 115 gr
Packaging Box of 50 rounds
Applications Target shooting, competition, law enforcement
Features Full Metal Jacket design, reliable ignition, consistent performance

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