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Canik 55 TP9 SF Black

Canik 55 TP9 SF Black


Caliber 9MM Luger


Magazine Capacity 18 + 1 Rounds
Barrel Length 4.46"


Compact Size Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Frame
Weight 830gr
Height 5.7"
Length 7.5"



  • Replaceable larger back of the handle.
  • The tray catch can be moved to the left or right side.
  • Plastic outer housing with adjustable inclination and fuse.
  • A total of 2 magazines with a capacity of 18 rounds.
  • Swab plastic rod.
  • Soft brush for wiping the barrel.
  • Plastic fast charger.
  • Handle/back pin punch.

Like other TP9 models, the TP9 SF is equipped with a direct preloaded striker. The trigger mechanism is a single action. So the trigger is just releasing the striker. On the rear face of the slide there is an indication of the angled striker, as well as on other models of the TP9 series.

The magazine capacity of this model is 18 rounds, but it is also possible to use magazines with an extended recoil pad +2 from the TP9 SFx model and achieve a total capacity of 20+1 rounds.

The weapon excels in a trigger that exceeds the competition with its finesse. Direct competitors include, for example, Walther PPQ, etc.

To adapt to any palm, the package includes an interchangeable back on the gun grip. A safety pin punch is also included, as with all TP9s.

Like all TP9 Series pistols, the SF model excels in incredibly smooth trigger action and a short sport reset.


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