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Blazer 45 Bore

Blazer 45 Bore

Blazer 45 Bore Description:

Blazer 45 Bore ammunition is designed to offer reliable and consistent performance for firearms chambered in the .45 Bore (also known as .45 Auto or .45 ACP) caliber. Produced by Blazer Ammunition, a subsidiary of Vista Outdoor, this ammunition is engineered to meet the needs of shooters in a variety of applications, including target shooting, training, and self-defense.

The Blazer 45 Bore cartridge features a high-quality aluminum casing that provides reliable feeding and extraction, ensuring smooth and consistent operation in semi-automatic and bolt-action firearms. The use of premium components and advanced manufacturing techniques guarantees the reliability and consistency that shooters demand.

With a range of bullet options available, including Full Metal Jacket (FMJ) and Jacketed Hollow Point (JHP), shooters can choose the ammunition that best suits their specific needs. The FMJ bullets are ideal for target shooting and training, offering straight and accurate flight characteristics. On the other hand, the JHP bullets are designed for self-defense, delivering controlled expansion upon impact for increased stopping power.

Blazer ammunition is known for its strict quality control standards. Each round undergoes rigorous testing to ensure proper ignition, consistent velocities, and reliable bullet performance. This attention to detail and commitment to excellence make Blazer 45 Bore ammunition a trusted choice among shooters.

Specification Table:

Ammunition Brand Blazer
Caliber 45 Bore
Bullet Type Various (FMJ, JHP, etc.)
Case Type Aluminum
Primer Type Boxer
Packaging Box of x rounds (varies by product variant)
Applications Target shooting, training, self-defense
Features Reliable feeding and extraction, consistent performance

Please note that specific details such as bullet weight, muzzle velocity, muzzle energy, bullet diameter, and packaging may vary depending on the specific product variant and the manufacturer's specifications. It is always recommended to refer to the product packaging or contact the manufacturer for the most accurate and up-to-date information.

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