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Barnaul 9mm Makarov 145gr HP

Barnaul 9mm Makarov 145gr HP

Barnaul is a reputable ammunition manufacturer known for producing reliable cartridges. Their Barnaul 9mm Makarov 145gr HP (Hollow Point) ammunition is specifically designed for firearms chambered in the 9mm Makarov caliber, offering reliable performance and effective terminal ballistics.

Here's the specification table for Barnaul 9mm Makarov 145gr HP:

Parameter Specification
Bullet Weight 145 grains
Bullet Type Hollow Point (HP)
Cartridge Case Material Steel
Muzzle Velocity Varies depending on the load
Muzzle Energy Varies depending on the load
Primer Type Berdan
Rounds per Box Varies depending on packaging

The 145-grain hollow point bullet is designed to expand upon impact, delivering controlled penetration and maximum energy transfer to the target. This design enhances stopping power and terminal performance, making it suitable for self-defense applications.

The steel casing provides durability and cost-effectiveness, while the Berdan primer ensures reliable ignition. The specific muzzle velocity and energy will vary depending on the specific load variation.

Please note that steel-cased ammunition may not be suitable for all firearms due to potential differences in extraction and wear. Always consult your firearm manufacturer's guidelines to ensure compatibility.

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