Red Dots: How to choose the best optic for your needs

The wide-open world of optics allows the Pakistani shooter to be equipped for any task at hand. For close to moderate range shooting, the world of 1-X optics is what shooters prefer. In that world, red dot optics rule. 

In this blog we are going to discuss the benefits of red dots to help you in choosing the best option available in the market.

Let’s dive in and see what’s what and why you should pay attention.


How A Red Dot Works?

Red dots are very simple, especially compared to holographic sights. An LED shoots out a red beam of light; that red beam of light strikes a piece of specially coated angled glass. That coating reflects only red light (or green) and creates your reticle. This coated glass also prevents the reticle from being seen by someone on the wrong side of the gun and allows all other light to pass through the optic.


The Benefits Of A Red Dot



The simplicity of a red dot makes it capable of being any imaginable size. You can get a red dot small enough to fit on a subcompact pocket pistol and one sized to fit a full-sized rifle. They come in all sizes for a wide variety of different uses. If you need to go small to save room and weight, then red dots rule.


Again, simplicity makes it easy to manufacture a red dot.

Red dots are often cheaper and come at a wide variety of price points. You can find red dots at every price point you can imagine. That doesn’t mean the bottom barrel optics are worthy, but they do exist.


Everyone makes red dots. Every optics company seemingly creates red dot optics. That leads to a lower price point and more interesting designs. Right now, only two companies create holographic optics, and dozens create red dot optics.

This leads to numerous color reticles, various types of reticles, various sizes, purposes, and designs.

Battery Life

The simplest red dot reticles can use a AA battery for five years of continuous use. That’s an absurdly long life for a battery in anything. Aimpoint started a trend of producing ultra-long life systems, and it’s spread like wildfire. You can measure the battery of a red dot in years, but the battery of a holographic lasts in the hundreds of hours at most.

The simpler nature of the red dot means it needs less power, and that also allows these optics to use solar panels. These solar panels can power the optic without batteries….as long as the optic is in the light, obviously.


Red Dot Optics Options

In the wild world of red dots, there are multiple different options to choose from. You can view our offered options on the below link:

Red Dot Sights by Scopes & Barrels

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