9x19mm Bullets: ZSR vs Norinco

9mm ammunition – you want it? China’s Norinco and ZSR’s high-tech factory in Turkey are shipping it.

ZSR is an ammunition company that is wholly owned by Sarsilmaz. Their 9x19 mm Parabellum spec ammo is suitable for all firearms chambered for 9mm, and precisely what you need to keep your aim straight and true.

ZSR 9mm Parabellum


As for Norinco also known as China North Industries Corporation, it is a Chinese State-Owned Defense Corporation that manufactures a diverse range of commercial and military products.


Norinco 9mm bullets


When you hear that ammo comes from any country other than America, your first question might be whether it’s magnetic. Well, we can safely say that ZSR’s ammo is indoor range safe thanks to their FMJ bullets’ gilding metal jackets and lead-antimony alloy cores!

This ammo’s cases are made of the same brass as its bullets’ jackets – good news if you love reloading your empties or just prefer not to run steel through your firearm. ZSR also loads their own clean-burning powder, as well as non-corrosive Boxer primers which are waterproofed by a light application of sealant.

 We believe to better judge which company offers a better ammunition in the 9mm caliber category; a physical test is necessary. In order to take that burden away from you, we took the liberty to physically test both Norinco and ZSR 9mm rounds.

Our choice of weapons for this task were:

  1. Taurus PT-92
  2. Glock 19 MOS
  3. Taurus G2C

 After firing 10 rounds of each ammo separately in the above choice of weapons our field results came to a few conclusions which we are going to be discussing below. 


ZSR bullets tend to cycle faster than Norinco bullets which allows for a faster recoil impulse helping you get back to the target faster resulting in a more efficient and speedy process.

Efficiency and faster recoil is a key factor when choosing bullets because during shooting even a mere difference of millisecond is huge.

Although both company’s ammo never malfunctioned once during the shooting tests, the ZSR bullets ran cleaner and more reliably, whereas Norinco’s ammo was accustomed to leaving a residue behind in the barrel.

In low weight, small polymer framed gun like Taurus G2C we experienced more recoil while shooting, although ZSR’s enabled recoil was very much more controllable than Norinco’s.

Shooting at a range from 15 yards ZSR’s ammo showcased a better accuracy which was evident by a good close group size on the target sheet. ZSR’s ammo shows a superiority in accuracy against Norinco’s 9mm bullets because ZSR bullets offer a faster recoil impulse without the snap as discussed above.

So, all in all, although they are in the similar Price Bracket - when shopping for 9mm caliber bullets one should opt for Turkish made ZSR ammunition to get more value for money along with helping yourself fire those shots more accurately in a fast and efficient manner without dirtying your barrel more often.

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